Kimia Ghalebandi

Kimia is a dynamic, highly energetic and motivated marketing professional with a proven track record of generating and building relationships, managing projects from concept to completion, designing branding strategies, and coaching individuals to success.

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Narcisse Burchell

Named one of Top 25 African American Millennial Publicists in Huffington Post, Narcisse is a passion-driven brand storyteller with a demonstrated history of presenting innovative ideas and customized strategies. On and off social media, this everyday educator shares tips and tricks with an unconventional approach to marketing and motivation. Through event production, she creates an

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Madeleine Naquin

Madeleine currently works as a Business Analyst & Consultant for Nexus Louisiana to help members in building and scaling their startups. She has a B.S. from Spring Hill College and an M.S. from LSU. As an undergraduate student, she worked as both a paid on-campus tutor and as a volunteer off-campus tutor for students in

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Julian Herbert

Julian started his career in tech product development as a business analyst focused on e-commerce in the semiconductor industry. Following his curiosity, he became a management consultant at Deloitte and led M&A divestiture and integration engagements in a variety of industries, including pharma and biotech. He then transitioned back into product development and e-commerce at

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Sylvia Alaniz

Sylvia Alaniz is an experienced accountant and human resources professional. Committed to serving the community through her work, she takes pride in providing the best customer services possible to our members, partners, and colleagues. As the Accountant and Human Resources Manager, Sylvia’s role includes, but is not limited to grant management, donor tracking, and employee

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Kasey Frioux

Kasey Frioux is the longest tenured employee Nexus Louisiana and has been with the organization since it was founded in 2001. As the Facilities Director, she manages the 40,000 square foot Tech Park, serves as the liaison for the board of directors, and assists with all entrepreneurial initiatives. Before joining Nexus Louisiana, Kasey had a

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Na’Tisha Natt

She is passionate about advancing entrepreneurship and helping communities thrive. As the Director of Marketing and Communications she develops comprehensive marketing strategies to drive growth for Nexus Louisiana while creating collaborative relationships with entrepreneurs, business leaders, and community officials. Before joining NexusLA, Na’Tisha was the director of public affairs for Louisiana Housing Corporation, the state’s

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Calvin Mills

Calvin Mills Jr. is a nationally award-winning serial tech entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in IT, software and application development, and help desk support. He is the Founder, CEO and president of CMC Technology Solutions, SLT Technology, Inc., and his newest venture HelpIT, Inc., a software and application development company that he plans

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