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Cody Louviere

Cody Louviere is a visionary entrepreneur and subject matter expert (SME) in the field of Virtual Reality (VR) safety and procedure training. With a remarkable journey spanning from securing SBIR Phase I, II, and III awards to founding King Crow Studios, Louviere stands at the forefront of innovation in immersive technology. His passion for leveraging

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Wiley Brazier

Meet Wiley Brazier, V, a dynamic force uniting technology, training, and entrepreneurship. With a background rooted in education, his sound instructional practice ensures that his sessions are enjoyed and not just endured. His passion for technology and service has been a benefit to small business owners and CEOs as he has helped them leverage technology

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Evon Roquemore

Evon Roquemore serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Bright. Evon is responsible for developing the strategy for Bright’s healthcare delivery system. Her executive responsibilities include The Bright Clinic, Brightside Clinic, EVERSO, Bright Technology Group and The Bright Foundation. Under her leadership, Bright has developed proprietary electronic visit verification and compliance measuring software which provides

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AnnaBeth Guillory

Being from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, AnnaBeth has stayed close to her roots. She graduated with her master’s in business administration with a concentration in healthcare from Southeastern Louisiana University and graduated from Louisiana State University with a bachelor’s in science and minor in business. In 2016, AnnaBeth co-founded Blush Beauty and Blowdry Bar in Lake Charles, Louisiana

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Chris Hilliard

Born in Lafayette, LA, Chris Hilliard is an author, entrepreneur, certified diversity professional, and thought leader. Of all his responsibilities, none is better than his role as a girl dad to his beautiful daughters and husband to his amazing wife. After finishing up at UL, where he primarily studied mass communications, Chris came to Baton Rouge and later graduated

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Marlice Sanders

Marlice Sanders is a Community Manager in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for Community & Business Development. She is a local ambassador for Chase whose job is to build and nurture relationships with key community leaders, nonprofit partners and small businesses at the neighborhood level. Marlice hosts financial health workshops, facilitates non-profit partnerships and offers community programming.

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Jarrett Woods

Jarrett Woods is Vice President Sr. Business Consultant for Chase in New Orleans, LA. He has 3 years of experience at Chase and 14 years of experience in financial services industry.  His role as Senior Business Consultant is to provide guidance, resources and insight for minority entrepreneurs. He aims to utilize his experience in financial

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Mike Milan

Mike Milan, AKA Cash Flow Mike, offers expertise in strategic planning, finance, and sales gained over 20+ years of diverse professional experience. In that time, he has developed 14 startups into well-established businesses and earned his nickname “Cash Flow Mike”.  Mike is an army Veteran and an MBA from Baylor University and mostly known for:

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Henry Hays

Henry Hays, a visionary CEO and co-founder of DisruptREADY, spearheads a cutting-edge business intelligence firm focusing on emerging technologies, specially Artificial Intelligence. As an Adjunct Professor at LSU’s Roger Ogden Honors College, he imparts his expertise by teaching courses on AI and LLMs, shaping the minds of future innovators. Globally sought after, he delivers keynote

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