BREW 2023: Watch Sessions

Watch & Download Session Videos from BREW 2023

Louisiana Economic Development shares resources available to small and emerging startups.

Different types of IP and the importance of understanding each type to assist your business ventures.

Learn how to create buy-in so that people actually buy what you’re selling.

Insight on increasing brand visibility and authority while generating content that your audience eats up.

Understand your finances and how to move forward in an organized and intentional manner.

How you can begin auditing behaviors that live or don’t live with your values.

Find out how to sift through your expansive to-do list and nail down your most impactful work.

Local ecosystem programs and incentives that are designed to help you scale your company, create value, and reach your business goals.

Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL): The game-changing opportunity to leverage your personal brand and get paid.

Incorporating technology helps bring services to new heights. Walk away with actionable steps on exceeding customer expectations.

Learn how including non-traditional incentives and unconventional employee benefits in your perks package can help your company become top pick.

Helping entrepreneurs find the ideal franchises to achieve their dreams of business ownership and independence along the way.

Explore different fundraising strategies and how to determine which is the best fit for your organization.

Get up and go register your business with GeauxBiz.

Storytelling can transform your company culture and drive business growth – starting with your own – can help you build a better business.

Explore what trademarks are, the benefits of federal trademark registration and the registration process.

Thinking on your feet, being open to new ideas and opportunities, and finding paths to create and collaborate will add to your entrepreneurial toolbox.

Getting the right people at the right time to run with you and rally behind your brand.

What goes into starting a non-profit? Cover all the details, including the tax breaks available, the need for a board of directors, and the significant amount of work and fundraising required.

See how to leverage the latest neuroscience, business strategy and drawing to train your brain to identify and stay focused to achieve your key goals.

Sharing your story to achieve success and utilizing your personal passion as your golden ticket.

Learn how an omni-channel approach will help you overcome some of marketing’s most difficult challenges.

The inexpensive but highly effective ways social media can be leveraged for brand and business development.

Understand how AI is affecting everyday life and bettering how we do business.

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