High Stakes Pitch

$100,000 Up for Grabs

The High-Stakes Pitch Competition is back to give our state’s most promising startups a chance at an investment prize to invigorate and propel their businesses to success as we all look toward the future of entrepreneurship in Louisiana.


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How to

Applicants must meet a set of baseline qualifications in order to be considered. The qualifications include:
  • Is a Louisiana-based business, or willingness to relocate.
  • Made less than $250,000 in 2020 revenue.
  • Is incorporated as a limited liability company, an S corporation or a C corporation.
  • Has a scalable, high-growth business model with a strong management team.
  • Companies that previously pitched at BREW are eligible to participate.

Applicants must agree to the following terms to qualify: 1) The investment structure will be predetermined as a convertible note with a 30% discount and 2) The official term sheet will be provided upon submitting the application.

Timeline & Process

In order to have everything in place before the final pitch, the competition will follow a specific timeline and will be segmented into a few distinct phases.

Timeline of events for this year’s High-Stakes Pitch Competition:

  1. The application and executive summary are due January 25.

  2. Applicants will receive the term sheet by January 26.

  3. Term sheets must be signed and returned by January 27.

  4. Semi-finalists will be notified on January 28.

  5. Semi-finalists will submit competition materials by February 2.

    • A pitch deck for review and comment by a team of accredited investors (supporting documents optional).

    • Media materials including a logo, headshot, and company overview.

  6. Semi-final pitches will be held on February 22 and will consist of a 10-minute pitch and 15-minute Q&A. This is a private session open to semi-finalists and accredited investors only.

This is Where Your Entrepreneurial Journey Continues

The Investors

The investment being offered as a prize to the winning company comes from a group of accredited, local, Louisiana-based investors. The investment prize is managed by Red Stick Angels.

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