Frequently Asked Questions


Get answers to frequently asked questions about this years BREW! Please note we will continue to add information leading up to the event, so check later for additional questions and answers.


The free ParkZen app, which was created by a local LSU-led team and won the 2022 High Stakes Pitch competition, will help BREW attendees detect real-time on-street parking availability downtown during the BREW. ParkZen is innovative technology that uses smart crowdsourcing and AI to detect parking in real-time by just using your smartphone device. The more users join the app, the more parking spots will be available on the ParkZen map. In addition, never worry about finding the location of your parked car during the BREW. ParkZen will automatically save your car's location whether you connect your phone to your car or not. All without violating your privacy, storing your location data and draining your phone's battery. Join a community of drivers who effortlessly help each other find parking and make your 2023 BREW experience comfortable. Don't be late to High Stakes Pitch due to not finding that one parking spot!

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